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Apr 24 2018

Harmful Textured Ceiling Tiles and Drywall

Covering Your Textured Ceiling Tiles with Drywall is Not Safe If your home features those so-called “cottage cheese” or “popcorn”…

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Apr 17 2018

7 Hidden Asbestos (ACMs) in Old Homes

Whether you’re looking to buy or renovate an older home, you could be up against a few hidden asbestos problems…

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Real Estate Transaction Fail
Apr 10 2018

Real Estate Agents – Are You Prepared?!

Real estate agents know better than anyone that if a bump along the way can happen, it probably will. However,…

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Side Effects
Jan 19 2018

5 Celebrities Who Have Been Affected by Mold

While some might associate mold with subpar living conditions, the truth is that mold can affect just about anyone at any…

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Asbestos Professional
Jan 18 2018

Home Asbestos Testing Kits or Hiring a Professional?

Asbestos testing is now routine before beginning a renovation project or even before having extensive plumbing or electrical work done on…

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Mold Testing
Jan 17 2018

Why Test for Mold If I Know It’s There?

Many homeowners are now aware of the health hazards of toxic mold that may be growing inside their home. However, merely…

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Asbestos Exposure
Jan 16 2018

Talc Contains Asbestos – Be Cautious When Buying These Products

Talc is a very soft, naturally-occurring clay mineral that is used to make talcum powder, an ingredient in many different cosmetic,…

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Protecting You and Your Loved Ones From Radon Gas
Jan 12 2018

Protecting You and Your Loved Ones From Radon Gas

When you buy or sell a home these days, you will more than likely run into questions regarding radon gas…

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Asbestos Found in Children’s Makeup
Jan 10 2018

Asbestos Found in Children’s Makeup

According to a recent report published just a few days ago by CNN, asbestos was found in several eye shadow and…

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When Should I Test The Air Quality of My Home
Jan 09 2018

When Should I Test The Air Quality of My Home?

There are a number of different substances that may be present in your home that could contribute to poor indoor…

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