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    Environmental Protection Agency regulations inform that the laboratory must analyze the materials per layer. Each layer will be individually charged. “Split Material” is one (1) or more layer(s) attached to a sample.

    IRIS Environmental Laboratories will only analyze the collected sample(s) of suspected Asbestos-containing material as specified by the client on the chain of custody. Multiple samples that require separate analysis are to be contained separately to avoid cross-contamination and should be consecutively listed on the chain of custody submitted. Results will be ready within three business days. Samples dropped off after 3:00 PM will be next day processed. IRIS Environmental Laboratories offers 24-hour expedited results. Fee applies.NOTICE: Results will be relinquished ONLY after payment.

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I, the undersigned, have carefully read the preceding terms and conditions. Therefore, I fully understand and agree with the limitations, exclusions, and terms described.