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The inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause chronic respiratory diseases and cancer. Majority of us have had exposure to asbestos in low levels from the air we breathe. At Iris Environmental Laboratories, we are a professional mold and asbestos inspection and testing company for commercial and private properties in Hudson,NJ. We offer affordable prices and we value professionalism.

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About Hudson County, New Jersey

Hudson is a county located in the northeast of New Jersey and the middle of the New York Metropolis. Hudson is bordered to the east by the Upper New York Bay and Hudson River, to the South by Kill Van Kull, to the west by Newark Bay, the Hackensack River and the Passaic River. Its land border to the north and west is shared with the Bergen County.

Several museums and exhibitions are found in this county and some consist of permanent collections. Some focus on history, the environment, and local culture. Throughout the year, local artists, ethnic culture ad architecture are celebrated such as the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Society Museum, the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, Bayonne Community Museum, Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal and the Bayonne Firefighter’s Museum and others.

Asbestos Inspection and Laboratory Services in Hudson County, NJ

Breathing in asbestos fibers is the most common method of entrance into the body. Asbestos material is generally nor harmful unless it starts to release fibers and dust into the air, then ingested or inhaled. Most of the fibers are trapped within the mucous membrane of the throat and nose where some can be removed while others are embed into the lungs or digestive tract. Once in the body, the fibers can cause health complications.

Asbestos is dangerous when friable or can be crumbled by hand, releasing the hazardous fibers in the air. Floor tiles, ceiling tiles fire doors, siding shingles, etc. do not release asbestos if they are not disturbed or damaged. Asbestos inspection is a vital step in ensuring you are not at risk from asbestos fibers. While you wait for an asbestos inspection team, keep away from the material you suspect to contain asbestos.

Mold Inspection and Laboratory Services in Hudson County, NJ

Mold is a fungus type that is made up of tiny organisms. Mold can be white, black, orange, purple or green. Mold thrives best in moist areas and they propagate through small, light spores that are airborne. In tiny amounts, the mold spores are typically harmless, but when they encounter a damp area, they begin to grow rapidly. In an area where mold is growing, spores released into the environment can be inhaled and cause health problems such as asthma. If your wall appears to have black patches, or you detect a distinct, lingering odor, you need to conduct a mold inspection.

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Choose Iris Environmental Laboratories for Professional Asbestos and Mold Inspection and Laboratory Services in Hudson County

Iris Environmental Laboratories have highly trained technicians with years of experience in mold and asbestos inspection. You can be at peace with the knowledge that any inspection and swab collection is done at your convenience and with no interruptions to your daily routine. Our work is fast and efficient to ensure we get the quickest turnaround possible.

Iris Environmental Laboratories provides effective yet affordable mold and asbestos laboratory services. Regulatory agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), New Jersey Department of Environmental protection (NJ-DEP) and others accredit our firm nationally.

Want to learn more about how our mold or asbestos inspection and lab services work in Hudson County? Feel free to call us at (877) 540-8562 or send an email to Alternatively, you may use this online inquiry form to contact us.