Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals. Asbestos is resistant to chemical and thermal degradation, and also fireproof and basically indestructible. Yet, asbestos poses a significant health risk to people who experience long term exposure and may develop certain diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer, and other forms of cancer.

Removal of the vermiculite insulation may not be necessary if it is confined in a manner where it will be left undisturbed. If you choose to have the vermiculite insulation removed, the EPA recommends that you use a trained and accredited asbestos contractor that is separate and independent from the company that performed the assessment of the vermiculite insulation to avoid any conflict of interest.

Federal law does not require the seller to disclose to a buyer that their home contains asbestos or vermiculite. State or local requirements may require disclosure. Contact your state about such requirements.

“ACM” stands for Asbestos-Containing Material.

Any percentage above 1% is considered an asbestos-containing material.

The only way to be sure whether a material contains asbestos is to have it tested by a qualified laboratory.

Asbestos that is in good condition and left undisturbed is unlikely to present a health risk. The risks from asbestos occur when it is damaged or disturbed where asbestos fibers become airborne and can be inhaled. Managing asbestos in place and maintaining it in good repair is often the best approach.

It’s not possible for you to tell whether materials in your home contains asbestos simply by looking at it. If you suspect a material within your home might contain asbestos (for example floor tile, ceiling tile or old pipe wrap) and the material is damaged (fraying or falling apart) or if you are planning on performing a renovation that would disturb the material, the EPA recommends that you have it sampled by a properly trained and accredited asbestos professional (inspector).

As of 2018, there are no federal regulations that ban a homeowner from removing asbestos from his or her own residence. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strongly recommends that you hire a professional to remove the asbestos.

Asbestos waste should only be handled by a licensed disposal site (an asbestos landfill). Your local authority can provide details of these for you. It also needs to be transported to these sites in suitable containers that prevent the release of any asbestos fibers while in transite.

Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking about taking the next step of owning an IRIS Environmental Laboratories Franchise, well, think no more. IRIS Environmental Laboratories is a solid step to accomplishing your dream of starting your own business, hand in hand with a company that supports you along the way.

With our business model, training and support system, along with your willingness to walk the path of a business owner, this business is designed to help you succeed.IRIS Environmental Laboratories Inspection Franchise is for anyone interested in:

  • Being your own boss!
  • Spending more time at home with your loved ones.
  • Financial Security
  • Protecting the public
  • Helping people
  • Doing what you love
  • Networking

As an IRIS Environmental Laboratories Franchisee, you will find an excellent way to align your financial goals with your career and future. Our proven business model for owning your own franchise is focused on your success. Join forces with the only Asbestos and Mold franchise with a built-in Accredited Laboratory in America.


Begin a new phase of your life with the IRIS ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORIES FRANCHISE. Leave those long hours and over-worked stress behind as you enter your career as an asbestos and mold inspection franchise owner.


Owning an IRIS Environmental Laboratories franchise will allow you to stay close enough to the day-to-day operations while having more time for yourself.

Skilled Tradesman

Working for someone else can make you feel trapped. If you’re looking to be your own boss, take control of how you schedule your day, run your own team with a supportive office behind you, maximize your opportunities and partner with IRIS Environmental Laboratories.

Real Estate Agents

Realtors are known for their strong people-person personalities, interpersonal skills and their passion for networking. IRIS Environmental Laboratories franchise owners align well with any Real Estate Agent, and if you would like to continue fostering relationships, then our franchise is for you.

Asbestos and Mold Inspectors

When you work for someone else, you don’t get to decide how far you travel, or where they send you. Becoming an IRIS Environmental Laboratories franchise owner, you are assigned a protected territory; you control your schedule, and best of all, increase your revenue. With your prior knowledge of this field, take advantage of this successful business model and better opportunities for your life can be attainable.

Financial success should be the most important concern for our franchisees. Our strategic methods are designed to help your business develop and prosper.
With dedication, our proven business model will show a high level of profitability. A Mold/Asbestos field Inspector can perform up to three inspections a day on a reasonable scale of scheduling work. According to Home Advisor data*, nationally asbestos inspection job’s price range from $366-$1336 and mold inspections jobs range from $295-$1065*Price data is based on 2018 project costs as reported by Home advisor’s members.

The Global Environmental Industry, reaching over $780B, can be broken down into three main categories: Services, Resources, Equipment We are focused on the services category which represents over $1B in U.S. opportunities. Based on the most recent statistics, it is estimated that there are over 250,000 inspectors in the environmental field (asbestos, mold, lead, air quality, etc.) There are over 75,000 people currently employed in the remediation component, and over 125,000 people currently employed in the testing and analysis component.

Getting started is easier than you think. IRIS Environmental Laboratories is an affordable investment, where dedication meets high profits in a recession-resistant business. We strive to uplift and guide successful business entrepreneurs into successful franchisee’s. Our executive team provides trade secrets, business methods, and strategies, marketing techniques that keep up with today’s online web demand, in-field training, and much more for a low start-up cost of $26,300.
Take a better look into our Item 7 from our Franchise Disclosure Document*

Type of Expenditure
Low Amount
Method of Payment
When Due
To Whom Payment Is To Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee $15,000 In Full Upon Signing the Franchise Agreement Franchisor
Technology $1,700 As Incurred Before Opening Vendors
Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures $1,650 As Incurred Before Opening Approved Vendor
Real Estate $0 As Incurred Before Opening Landlord
Utility Deposit $0 As Incurred Before Opening Landlord
Inventory of Products and Supplies $860 In Full Before Opening Approved Vendor
Vehicle $0 As Incurred Before Opening Third Parties
Vehicle Graphics $800 In Full Before Opening Approved Vendor
Staffing $0 As Incurred Spent Over the Course of Three Months Salaries and Expenses
Apparel $390 In Full Before Opening Approved Vendors
Insurance $1,200 As Incurred Spent Over the Course of Twelve Months Payable to Third Parties
Travel, Lodging and Meals for Initial Training Program $1,400 As Incurred Before Opening Refer to most recent FDD
Asbestos and Mold Required Training Programs $0 As Incurred Before Attending Our Initial Training Program Refer to most recent FDD
Business Licenses, Permits, Certifications, and Other Professional Fees $300 As Incurred Before Opening Appropriate Licensing Authorities and Third Parties
Operating Expenses and Additional Funds $3,000 As Incurred Spent Over the Course of Three Months Refer to most recent FDD
Total $26,300

Recession resistant business (since asbestos is heavily regulated, inspections are required by law, on average 70% of real estate transaction will need an Asbestos and Mold Inspection, which means your business is always in demand).

Scheduling flexibility.

#1 Asbestos and Mold Inspection Franchise with its own National Accredited Laboratory.


Low overhead.

The low upfront cost to start.

Becoming certified by the State only takes a few days allowing you to get started much faster.

IRIS Environmental Laboratories is the only North American asbestos and mold Inspection Company combining its experience and capabilities with a National Asbestos Accredited Laboratory. Before the launch of the franchise aspect of the business, which happened in July 2018, IRIS has taken technology and professional services to a whole different level in the asbestos/mold inspection and lab analysis industry.

Every day, IRIS Environmental Laboratories owners are helping people to buy, renovate and live in their home with confidence and peace of mind. Since mold and asbestos can affect not only Real Estate market but people’s health, IRIS Environmental Laboratories takes pride in its commitment to serving our community.

Over the years IRIS Environmental Laboratories has completed thousands of asbestos and mold inspections and millions of sample analysis, bringing unprecedented expertise to the table, not only to reinforce the IRIS Environmental Brand but provide the best Asbestos/Mold Inspection, lab analysis and deliver franchise owners success.

Since asbestos and mold air fibers can only be identified with laboratory analysis, you will brand your expertise not only as an asbestos and mold inspector, but carry around the laboratory “eyes” for your clients. In other words, you will be not only an asbestos and mold inspector but also a laboratory in the client’s perspective. With our training, marketing, and continuous support, you become a proven and trusted consultant, not only for real estate transaction but for contractors dealing with projects, renovations, and asbestos abatement projects. The reputation you build with real estate professionals, abatement companies, contractors, restorations business, home buyers, home sellers, and home owners is the foundation of success. Iris Environmental Laboratories is committed to consistently deliver the knowledge, skills, tools, and services to position you to succeed in your desire to own your own business.

Simple. Because we are the first Asbestos & Mold Inspection Franchise who in fact owns a National Accredited Analysis Laboratory in the country. And we have experience and know how to help our franchisees succeed. We provide successful and proven business model with scheduling flexibility, a call center to help you get started, a solid and knowledgeable support team to work with you hand in hand to help you start and grow your business. And best of all, SUPER low upfront investment allowing you a faster return on your investment.

To be a successful IRIS Environmental Laboratories franchisee, you should possess the following qualities:
  • Enjoy being around many different trades related to property development and construction.
  • Enjoy learning about your roll in the Real Estate transactions and Construction Industry.
  • Take pride in your knowledge and ability to help and serve your community.
  • Want to live on your own terms.
  • Have a natural ability to talk to people about what you do.
  • Committed to wanting better-secured
  • Discipline, having the gift that inspires others to become the best they can be, self-motivated, and a passion for the business.
  • Interpersonal skills and interest to foster relationships with realtors, contractors, plumbers, flooring companies, remediation/abatement businesses, Township Officials, different Military branches, and much more.
  • Willingness to carry out and execute Iris Environmental Laboratories’ proven system.

Iris Environmental Laboratories has tested and proved the do’s and don’ts of the marketing process that works for its industry.

You can have the best product and a dream team by your side, but if you don’t tell people that you exist, then it’s as though you have nothing at all. With our support and your independent research of your territory, building a comprehensive marketing strategy will help skyrocket your reach in the industry. By connecting with local experts and potential clients, understanding your target audience, territory and other potential clients will help grow your franchise.

If you want to start your own company and don’t understand the process of marketing you’d have to hire an outside marketing agency or create a marketing plan from scratch all on your own. Of course, with a franchise, you are still in business for yourself, but you are not alone. By teaming up with our experienced marketing department, our team will provide all the necessary aid to develop a marketing plan and help grow your business. Our many years of marketing experience in the asbestos and mold inspections industry will help you to stand tall as you build up your new business and marketing strategy.

Marketing also takes territory as an important aspect of prospecting and success. In the Asbestos and Mold inspection industry, effective marketing consists of understanding your territory and keeping up with the needs of those in your community.

Each territory is different; modifying your strategy and materials to reflect the needs of your targeted audience is a key component in a strong marketing strategy. To accomplish this, it’s important to thoroughly research your territory and talk to people in your area.

Networking and Building Your Inner-circle

Marketing is also networking. Networking is a vital aspect of any industry, it helps to develop professional relationships and potentialize business sales, but especially to those looking to own their first Asbestos and Mold inspection franchise. That’s why we want our new business owners to feel confident in meeting new people and creating new connections with people who revolve around the industry. The more connections you build, the more help and referrals you will have from these industry experts. Engaging with your surrounding community is one of the best ways to meet people and become well recognized.

When you own an Asbestos and Mold franchise, investing in business cards is super important. You must keep them handy for any encounter with contractors, real estate agents, abatement/remediation companies, attorney’s, engineers or potential homebuyers. You must be ready to jumpstart a new relationship at any given opportunity. You will enjoy attending contractor events, realtor events, open houses, visit real estate offices, and take an interest in learning about your territory inside and out.

People will appreciate your passion and strong dedication to your business and be eager to work with you. We have created an easy networking plan by giving you exclusive insight to built-in networking opportunities. As a National Accredited Laboratory, we have connections Insurance Company, house flipping companies, Contractors and much more. Our recognized brands to be utilized in order to really propel your marketing efforts to the next level. If you demonstrate these qualities, want more authority over your financial future, and are ready for the exciting challenges of owning an IRIS Environmental Laboratories inspection franchise, we want to talk to you!

Successful IRIS Environmental Laboratories franchisees demonstrate unique qualities that aid to a successful partnership. These qualities include:

  • Eager to serve your community
  • Extrovert personality and strong interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to educate others and share your knowledge
  • Enjoy being around residential and commercial properties and construction
  • Motivated, entrepreneurial and optimistic
  • Committed to executing the Iris Environmental Laboratories proven system

We are proud to reinforce and set our company with the following standards.

  • Green Friendly operated- Everything we do we think first and how to protect the environment
  • Digital– Our first priority is to make everything digital
  • Remote capability– All of our key activity can be accessed remotely via the internet
  • Low Cost– We offer very competitive prices and in order to do that we monitor our costs and look for the most effective way
  • Accuracy – Quality control is the key to pursuit accuracy in our database
  • Excellent customer Service

Mission – Become a nationally recognized Asbestos and Mold Lab/Inspection facility, capable to inspect, collect, and analyze asbestos and mold substances at the highest quality.
Vision – theoretical knowledge, technical skills systems, and tools in order to deliver quality environmental laboratory testing and consulting services on time and at the most economical cost to our customers.
Values – We believe that business can inspire solutions to the environmental crisis. This means that what we do and how we do it must cause the least harm to the environment and the best answer to our clients.

Committed to Your Success

At IRIS Environmental Laboratories we have a team fully committed and ready to answer any questions you might have.
We strive to give you the support and guidance needed to position you as a new business owner, no matter the personal or professional background. When you become an Iris Environmental Laboratories franchise owner you join a network of ambitious people who are dedicated to succeed and improve the lives of others.

The IRIS Franchisee Advantage

You can, with strong confidence, take the first step to own your own franchise when you invest in IRIS Environmental Laboratories. We have a proven business model that supports individual franchise owners driven to their success. We have the lowest startup costs for an asbestos & mold franchise.

With a strong business model, a franchise’s success depends upon the owner’s motivation, drive, passion, and of course, a supportive home office.

Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

There are three main types of asbestos survey:

  1. Asbestos Management Surveys –A management survey is a the standard survey. Its purpose is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect ACM’s in the building. A Management Survey will be required during normal occupation and use of the building to ensure materials are asbestos-free.
  2. Renovation/restoration Survey – Renovation surveys are intended to locate all the asbestos in a given area of the building (or the relevant areas).
  3. Demolition Surveys–Most townships will always require an Asbestos Clearance Letter prior to granting a Demolition Permit. A full detailed inspection is required for the asbestos clearance, and under no circumstances should staff remain in the rooms or areas of the building(s) when intrusive sampling is performed.

The safest way to manage asbestos is usually to remove it completely. However, in some cases, it may be just as safe and far more cost-effective to encapsulate the asbestos using specialist materials such as epoxies, polyurethanes, or polyurea. These will either be sprayed or stuck over asbestos or ACM to create a seal and protect it from damage, extend its life, and reduce any risk of fiber release.

The key to successfully managing and removing asbestos is to work with qualified and skilled professionals and to communicate throughout the entire process. If you have any questions at all, or if you suspect there is asbestos in your building – get in contact with the industry-leading asbestos management team at IRIS Environmental Laboratories.

There is no law or regulation that demands a home owner to hire professionals, the EPA strongly recommends hiring a professional due to the possibility of exposure. Although, there are requirements that you must follow when disposing of the asbestos materials if you do chose to remove it yourself, and if those requirements are not followed there could be serious consequences.

Some asbestos and mold removal jobs can be performed without the owner even leaving the building. Depending on the complexity of the removal and the extent of the mold and asbestos in the structure, most other jobs are usually completed in between one and five days. This should be one of the first questions you ask when arranging for mold and asbestos removal, so that you can make other accommodation arrangements as soon as possible if needed.

You don’t need to test if you see mold. As a matter of fact, if you see mold you have mold. But if you are a concern for your health, we strongly recommend testing.  It is important to know exactly what you are being exposed to. Every person has a different reaction when exposed to certain types and levels of fungi. If you become sick, it is important for your health care provider to know exactly what you were exposed to, in order to proceed with the proper medical treatment. Furthermore, we recommend air test after the remediation process, in order to check the air quality of your home when it comes to mold.

Our standard turnaround time is 3 business days after the inspection is performed. We also provide 24-hour expedited inspection report if requested.

Yes. Some States will not allow combined phases of an asbestos project (Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III). It’s always recommended to request information from your state agencies before starting any asbestos project. An ethical problem arises when having one sole provider for all 3 services because of the conflict of interest; after all, it is in the best interest of an abatement/remediation company performing a job to have passing air tests. We recommend have at least one outside party, primarily for the final clearance testing if any asbestos/mold has been, or will be, removed or remediated.

Since floor tile is considered a non-friable material, the concern for airborne is minimal if compared with friable material. Either way, to be on the safe side and provide you with a piece of mind, an Air Quality Test is recommended.

Yes. Remediation and Abatement companies are required, by law, to perform a final air test clearance for re-occupancy and safety purposes. It is your right as the property owner to outsource the final air testing to avoid any conflict of interest.

Mold Frequently Asked Questions

Mold is a fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. No one knows how many species of fungi exist but estimates range from tens of thousands to perhaps three hundred thousand or more. Molds grow best in warm, damp, and humid conditions, and spread and reproduce by making spores. Mold spores can survive harsh environmental conditions, such as dry conditions, that do not support normal mold growth.

Some people are sensitive to molds. For these people, exposure to molds can cause symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. Some people, such as those with serious allergies to molds, may have more severe reactions. Severe reactions may occur among workers exposed to large amounts of molds in occupational settings, such as farmers working around moldy hay. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath. Some people with chronic lung illnesses, such as obstructive lung disease, may develop mold infections in their lungs.

  • Keep the humidity level in the house between 40% and 60%.
  • Use an air conditioner or a dehumidifier during humid months.
  • Be sure the home has adequate ventilation, including exhaust fans.
  • Add mold inhibitors to paints before application.
  • Clean bathrooms with mold killing products.
  • Do not carpet bathrooms and basements.
  • Remove or replace previously soaked carpets and upholstery

  1. Cladosporium
  2. Penicillium
  3. Alternaria
  4. Aspergillus

Molds are found in virtually every environment and can be detected, both indoors and outdoors, year round. Mold growth is encouraged by warm and humid conditions. Outdoors they can be found in shady, damp areas or places where leaves or other vegetation is decomposing. Indoors they can be found where humidity levels are high, such as basements or showers.

Sensitive individuals should avoid areas that are likely to have molds, such as compost piles, cut grass, and wooded areas. Inside homes, mold growth can be slowed by keeping humidity levels between 40% and 60% and ventilating showers and cooking areas. If there is mold growth in your home, you should fix the moisture and humidity problem than clean up the mold.