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Mold and Asbestos Testing and Inspection Services in New York

Mold can be found almost anywhere, which makes it an extremely common problem in many homes and buildings throughout the United States. If you want to make sure that your home doesn’t have mold growing within it, you should hire an inspector to take your air samples and check for any significant mold issues. The secret is simple, finding the source of mold and not the mold itself. At IRIS Environmental Laboratories, we offer comprehensive services for mold and asbestos inspection, so no matter what kind of building you live or work in, we’ll be able to help you identify any problems that exist. Call our office today to set up an appointment today!



Mold growth is common in New York, especially in homes that are over 100 years old. Moisture from humid weather will often cause mold to grow on porous building materials, including drywall, wood flooring, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, carpeting, etc. These contaminants should be handled by certified professionals who have training and experience. Most environmental or industrial hygiene labs offer mold inspection services for a nominal fee. Indoor air quality issues may require an indoor environmental professional to complete an IAQ investigation to identify specific sources of mold growth. Mold can be dangerous to human health because some molds produce mycotoxins, and potent carcinogens which are cancer-causing chemicals. If inhaled, exposure to high levels of mycotoxins can also cause serious respiratory problems.


Mold Inspection and Testing

Keeping your family safe from mold is one of your most important priorities as a homeowner. Mold usually exists in places where you can’t see, like behind walls or floors. The first step you should take when dealing with mold is to hire a reliable company to inspect your property for any potential problems. At IRIS Environmental Laboratories, not only do we use state-of-the-art equipment that can detect minute amounts of mold, but we also take photos and videos that allow us to map out its location for an accurate assessment. Our technicians will go into detail about whether your family should be concerned about mold exposure, as well as what follow-up methods could help prevent future mold growth. If you’re worried about mold on your property, don’t delay—call our team today!

Asbestos Inspection and Testing

There are federal regulations governing asbestos inspections and testing, on the top of that, many states have chosen to implement their own local regulation. Testing is typically done when a home or building is being purchased, during renovations, demolitions or when work crew discovers asbestos in walls and ceilings. When you work with IRIS Environmental Laboratories, we’ll come to your property, perform a detailed inspection, and issue you a comprehensive report within 24 hours of completing our assessment.

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Our experience, professional training, and rigorous lab testing processes have led us to become one of the most trusted mold and asbestos consulting firms and service providers. IRIS Environmental Laboratories will provide a comprehensive review of your situation, and work with you to solve your mold or asbestos issues. We will ensure that you get a complete picture of what’s happening, and help you correctly identify what steps you should take.

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