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Molds and asbestos are a big threat to real estate development. Mold can grow anywhere where there is moisture. This keeps most property managers on their toes trying to keep buildings as mold free as possible. In large quantities, mold can be harmful to your health. Asbestos, which can be found in most construction materials, poses a great health risk to workers exposed to it. Iris Environmental Laboratories offer top-notch asbestos and mold inspection and testing services all over Cape May County, New Jersey, at affordable prices.

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About Cape May County, New Jersey

Cape May County is the southernmost county in New Jersey. A big part of the county is located on the Cape May Peninsula bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south and the Delaware Bay to the west. The county is especially popular with vacationers who come from surrounding states and New Jersey to enjoy 30 miles of sandy beaches. Cape May County has a population of about 92,560 residents, making it the state’s second-least populous county. It is part of the Philadelphia-Reading-Camden, PA-NJ DE-MD Combined

Statistical Area as well as Ocean City NJ Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Some of the notable points of interest in Cape May County include Cape May Lighthouse; Sunset Beach; Cape May Winery; Ocean City Boardwalk and Beach Plum Farm, to name a few.

Asbestos Inspection and Laboratory Services in Cape May County, NJ

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that appears in soil and rock. It is commonly used in construction due to its flexibility, strong properties and resistance to various chemical compounds and heat. Common Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) that may be exposed include fireproofing materials, roofing shingles, electrical ducts, textured coatings and paints, flooring backing and cement pipes, amongst others. Asbestos exposure over a long period of time can cause serious health problems such as lung complications, heart disease and mesothelioma (a type of cancer). Symptoms of asbestos exposure include coughing, weight loss, loss of appetite and swelling in the neck and face.

When you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms and you suspect your property has been exposed to asbestos, contact Iris Environmental Laboratories to effectively inspect and test for the presence of asbestos.

Mold Inspection and Laboratory Services in Cape May County, NJ

In order for mold to thrive, it needs oxygen and moisture. Leaky pipes, poor building design and poor building maintenance makes it easy for moisture (water) to come into contact with buildings. This moisture puts you at risk of mold contamination. Molds not only pose a great health risk to animals and humans, but also reduce indoor air quality and this can lead to respiratory problems. Iris Environmental Laboratories conducts thorough mold testing and inspection on your property at affordable rates.

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Choose Iris Environmental Laboratories for Professional Asbestos and Mold Inspection and Laboratory Services in Cape May County

Iris Environmental Laboratories is a nationally accredited mold and asbestos inspection and testing company. Our technicians are highly trained to handle all of your asbestos and mold inspection needs. Our rates are affordable and we aim to give you the best value for your money.

Want to learn more about how our mold or asbestos inspection and lab services work in Cape May County? Feel free to call us at (877) 540-8562 or send an email to Alternatively, you may use this online inquiry form to contact us.