Asbestos Testing & Consulting Labs

Asbestos inspections and assessments that can cause cancer. In the past, asbestos materials were mixed with other substances and used in roofing and insulation materials for buildings. This made it very difficult to know how much asbestos is in one’s building as they can’t be seen via visual inspection. This is where asbestos testing comes in handy. Iris Environmental Laboratories is highly experienced in the field of asbestos testing and consulting.

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What is Asbestos Testing & Consulting?

It can be difficult to know when to do asbestos testing. There are many scenarios which necessitate lab tests for asbestos. If one buys a house, especially one that was constructed a while ago, there is a good chance that asbestos was used in some of the building materials. Many home buyers would like the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there is no asbestos used in their homes.

If you need to remove materials that contain asbestos and you need expert help, you can use professional asbestos consulting services. This way, you get to handle and dispose of the materials safely. Such cases include scenarios where an old building is being demolished and the site manager is concerned for the safety of the workers.

Why Do You Need Asbestos Testing Services?

Using Iris Environmental Laboratories’ same day asbestos testing, you can confirm that your property is free from asbestos. Our services are also critical if you are handling asbestos materials in a public place. This minimizes risk to the public and helps to reduce legal liability. Finally, our asbestos testing and consulting services are critical when you are working with materials that may contain asbestos. Using our services, you can protect your employees from exposure to asbestos and improve workplace safety.

For home buyers looking to buy older properties, knowing whether the building has asbestos is a critical factor in making a decision whether to buy or not. The presence of asbestos might also influence the final price of the property.

Choose Iris Environmental Asbestos Testings Labs for Professional Asbestos Testing & Consulting Services

When it comes to choosing an asbestos testing lab, Iris Environmental Laboratories is miles ahead of the competition. We focus on your needs and design a customized solution that solves your specific problem. We also have inspection logistic locations in several locations and states. This gives you the assurance that we can respond promptly to your needs.

Iris Environmental Laboratories is accredited by numerous agencies including the United States Environmental Protection Agency. You can rest assured knowing that you are dealing with experts.

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