Mold Testing


Mold exists both indoors and outdoors, which means that there is no such thing as an environment that does not have any mold in it. In order to combat this problem, remediation will be necessary.

That way, mold levels will be put back to normal. Before this happens, however, mold testing is a must. This is one of the services that we offer at IRIS Environmental Laboratories.


Molds are unmistakable, but they can hide deep within surfaces, and cause them to look dirty. Hoping that your presumption is false, there is still a need to test whether what you see is mold or not. When mold growth is visible, sampling will no longer be required. But what happens with surfaces that appear to be clean? Does this mean that mold doesn’t thrive there? Of course not. Mold can still be lingering in those places where they can hardly be seen.

To get rid of any doubts and avoid being sorry for not being cautious about molds later on, mold testing is required. This process is conducted by professionals who are experienced in the various sampling methods and interpreting results. These methods should follow the recommendations of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, the American Industrial Hygiene Association, and other organizations.


You will know it’s time to test for mold if any of
the following scenarios apply:
  • You have discovered a leak in your building that has been going on for more than 24 hours
  • There’s a damp or moldy smell in your building
  • A flood or any other incident that leads to water damage has occurred.
  • One of your family members or staff members have been suffering from an unexplained health condition
  • Unusual stains appearing on walls, ceilings and furniture


Mold Testing Is The First Part Of The Mold Remediation Process

Once your home or workplace has been tested for molds and remediated thereafter, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Prevent costly damage to property. When you hire IRIS Environmental Laboratories, you save your home from further damage commonly caused by molds. With our help, we can find the moisture in the space right away.
  • Stop mold from spreading. Molds multiply quickly. The faster you hire us, the quicker we can stop the mold from spreading. We test molds, including those which are not visible on the surface.
  • Do away with health problems. Molds, like lead and asbestos, come with severe health problems. Minor symptoms such as headache, congestion, or runny nose, when left ignored, can lead to asthma and all sorts of chronic respiratory issues. If we get to test mold immediately, we will prevent all these from happening.
  • Establish that mold is, in fact, present, and develop a justification for remediation. The truth is that most insurance companies will not authorize mold remediation if it has not been ascertained by a professional
  • Identify the specific type of mold present – whether it is allergenic, hyperallergenic, or toxic. This can offer you an explanation into the symptoms members of your household or team have been experiencing and allow them to seek appropriate medical attention.
  • Single out “hidden mold” in cases where mold growth is not immediately visible, yet you are feeling the effects of mold damage.


One mold testing method is mold air sampling. As mold spores can’t be seen with the naked eye and laboratory analysis is needed to evaluate the mold type, mold air sampling provides a way for people to assess the severity of mold infection. Mold air sampling involves utilizing a pump to force air through a collection equipment, which traps mold spores. These samples are then analyzed in a lab.

Some air-sampling decides for mold air sampling include cassette samplers, impaction samplers and so on. However, it is important to note that air sample is insufficient to refute or confirm the mold problem. Mold air sampling has to complement other testing and sampling techniques, such as surface sampling and/or visual inspection and so on. Some factors that affect mold air sampling accuracy include weather conditions, wind changes and so on.


  • Our experts will conduct an inspection of the property once we have been called to do the job. Once we have gathered the necessary samples, they will be tested in our laboratories using the Environmental Standard criteria
  • From there, we will provide detailed results in an easy-to-understand report. Our team conducts these inspections using our cutting-edge in-house laboratory.
  • From there, they will offer the most suitable remediation recommendations, and it is up to you whether to proceed


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IRIS Environmental Laboratories has been founded with the union of two intelligent minds – one who is well-versed with public regulation and business management, and the other specializing in mold and asbestos inspections and testing.

This has become the breaking ground for being one of the best asbestos and mold inspection company in the country. With our help, we can make your home or building a safe and clean space for everyone who is living or working there. With our mold testing services, we save our clients time, money, and effort from possible hazards of molds living within their residential and work environments

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