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Which Occupations Are More At Risk Of Asbestos Exposure?

Many occupations, including mechanics, industrial workers and military veterans are exposed to asbestos when doing their jobs. Asbestos is one of the top causes that leads to mesothelioma, and any exposure to asbestos is considered dangerous. Many workers in different industries have been affected be diseases catalyzed by asbestos exposure. In this post, we discuss about some of the top occupations at risk of asbestos exposure.

Aircraft Mechanics

Aircraft mechanics engage in all sorts of repair work related to aircraft, such as helicopters, airplanes and other types of vehicles to ensure that the mechanics and inner systems are regularly maintained and can keep their top working condition. Many of these mechanics work in repair stations, airfields and hangers. However, many of the materials that were used to make aircraft components contain asbestos, like gaskets, brake pads and wiring. Many who repaired civilian and military aircrafts in the 1930s to 1980s were exposed to asbestos.

Cement Finishers

Cement finishers are also known as masons. They work at construction sites and mainly deal with cement. They pour cement, spread it and smoothen it out, and then monitor it as the cement hardens. They also have to ensure that the finished product is smooth. After it dries, they can add sealant to waterproof the cement.

However, the unfortunate truth is that cement finishers may be exposed to asbestos daily. They are considered high risk because their environment makes them come into contact with asbestos. Older buildings also contain asbestos, and this means that a cement finisher that is on-site when buildings are getting remodeled or maintained will be exposed to it.


Electricians carry out work on equipment, such as wires, motors, generators, panels and boxes in many residential and commercial location. They also have to do work near railroads and ships in order to maintain electrical services. They have to regularly carry out maintenance on power lines and infrastructure. Because they are regularly exposed to asbestos-containing products, electricians are among the top occupations at risk.

Electrical products like electrical panels, motor controllers and wires contain asbestos. Some of it is used to insulate the products and some of it is used to fireproof materials to reduce the chances of fires and electrical shorts. They also tend to work near motors connected to equipment that contain asbestos, like turbines, pumps and boilers. Furthermore, when repairing equipment in construction sites and homes, they are at risk when exposed to equipment containing asbestos. Hence, electricians should take steps to ensure that the area they are working in is secure and protected.


Painters apply coats of paints to surfaces and also perform a lot of prep work on surfaces before they are painted. This includes scraping, cleaning, sanding, applying caulk and primer. However, this may mean that they are constantly exposed to asbestos, which is carcinogenic. This is because asbestos was widely used in construction in the 1970s as a thickener for paint, filler and for its fireproofing abilities.

Asbestos is also present in older buildings, and many who perform painting works for these older buildings are at risk as well. They may also bring fibers home through their hair, clothing or shoes, putting their family at risk of diseases related to asbestos exposure.

There are many more occupations that are at risk due to asbestos exposure. Workers in related fields should try to make sure they are safe before they take on the jobs. If you have any concerns about asbestos in your property and would like an asbestos inspection, feel free to contact us today.