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Hoboken Takes On New Ordinance Regulating Mold!

Hoboken is the FIRST in New Jersey

Being the first municipality in the state to ‘regulate’ mold, Mayor Bhalla and his administration have taken many complaints from their City’s tenants very seriously. In an effort to protect Hoboken residents from this major public health concern, Mayor Bhalla asked the City’s Department of Health and Human Services to create such legislation. The City Council passed this ordinance unanimously. This provides its residents with a pathway to have their concerns address.

“We want to make sure every resident is safe in their own home, especially children, and the new regulation will give the City the ability to regulate the unhealthy growth of mold,” said Mayor Bhalla. “This will allow any concerned resident to contact our Health Office, which can now help ensure tenants have mold-free living conditions.”


Although some people may view mold as a harmless concern, this environmental hazard should never be ignored. Mold strives in damp, humid, and warm places, primarily in places like bathrooms, basements, and especially attics with poor ventilation. Fungi (mold) can be caused by many things, some more common examples are from plumbing leaks, foundation cracks, water pooling near the foundation, and roof leaks. Mold can grow ANYWHERE and is able to affect ANYONE!

Take Action!

Taking precautionary measures prior to renting or buying a home is always a smart approach. It’s difficult for any tenant/homeowner to know if mold is present unless you can physically see it, or smell it, which is why opting for a Mold Inspection is another optimal choice. Hiring professionals who have the proper tools and equipment to find hidden mold could save you from living in an unsafe home.

Hoboken residents who need to report a substantial mold issue that is not remediated by a landlord or property owner can request an inspection by calling 1800-908-6679. For more information about our business please visit us at and for Franchise Opportunities CLICK HERE!

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VIDEO – IRIS® Environmental Laboratories Asbestos and Mold Inspection Franchise

Opening a business may feel very overwhelming. When you’re ready to start up your own Asbestos and Mold Inspection Franchise, there are dozens of “let’s try this” challenges that you will be facing. As an IRIS® Environmental Laboratories Franchisee, you are not alone!

You will be conducting your business supported by:

  • Structured software and systems unique to asbestos and mold industry
  • Call center support
  • Field and office technical support
  • Laboratory support for all analytical questions
  • State-of-the-art training by full-time instructors
  • Hands-on grand opening support with corporate members assisting in your location

Our franchise is structured to support your financial growth. Our Corporate Support Team is structured to help make your dreams attainable and within reach.  Give us a call today and see what IRIS Environmental Laboratories can do for you!

When it comes to building a competitive Asbestos and Mold inspection business, you know you will need several specialized resources. IRIS® Environmental Laboratories has the asbestos and mold expertise you need to support and guide you to launch your business.




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