Should You Be Worried About Mold In Houseplants?

Did you actually know that molds and fungus bear fruits, which are otherwise known as mushrooms? There is a plethora of mushrooms found in different parts of the world with more than 10 000 known mushrooms species. The usual consumable mushrooms from the supermarket include king oyster, portobello and button mushrooms and there are treasured mushrooms such as the morels and truffles. Other than edible mushrooms, there are also deadly mushrooms in the wild that can be fatal when accidentally consumed and irritating mushrooms which thrive within buildings and houses.

Another fun fact is that fungi and mold can pop up and emerge in your houseplants when certain requisites such as high temperature and high moisture are met. There are a few reasons as to why mushrooms start to manifest in houseplants, such as polluted soil and mushroom spores that travel by air.

Fungi is a term that describes and encompasses a broad spectrum of organisms such mushrooms, yeasts and molds. An interesting fact is that not every fungus is able to produce mushrooms although all mushrooms are species of fungi.

Eradicating Mushrooms in your Houseplants

While it is definitely plausible to eradicate mushrooms that residing in your houseplants, it will not be a simple task as it will take time and meticulous care. When the soil is polluted with the mushroom spores, it becomes very challenging to remove them completely from your soil. However, an option is to hire professionals to inspect the type of mold in the soil and after that, you can move on to your next step, which is to eradicate them.

Is There Mold in your House?

Mold, which belongs in the same family as mushrooms, are located both in the wild and indoors in houses and buildings. Molds have a wide range of colors which include white, green, black, pink, orange and more. They are able to thrive in almost every possible environment that you can think of, such as your house and business office. Just like humans, they grow very well in environments with warm temperatures. Molds are able to grow rapidly on the surfaces of objects and furniture in your business or house. If there is presence of moisture for more than a couple of days, that particular surface or area will become contaminated.

Molds have the ability to destroy your furniture and wall surfaces, making them unusable and dirty respectively. It is not a pretty sight to spot moldy areas on residential or commercial compounds as it spoils the ambience of that place. This is especially worrying if there are clients visiting your commercial spaces as they are likely to spot these moldy areas, giving them a bad first impression of your business.

Even if it is possible to wipe away the mold, there will still be concerns as to whether the surface or area is clean to be utilized again. If you spot mold in your house or business, tackle this problem early by doing some research on experienced mold inspection companies who will be able to help you.