Jun 27 2017

Asbestos & Home Renovations: What You Need to Know

Starting any renovation project on your home can be an exciting adventure. However, it could also pose a serious threat…

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Jun 05 2017

5 Health Risks Caused By Asbestos

Asbestos is a building material that was used pretty widely across the U.S. prior to the 1980s. It was then…

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Jun 01 2017

5 Asbestos Facts You Didn’t Know

Because of its fire- and water-resistant properties, asbestos has long been used as a versatile building material. It was commonly…

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May 12 2017

How To Tell If Your House Has Asbestos

The word asbestos can be scary for many people. If you’re in the market to buy a home or maybe…

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Aug 23 2016

Got Mold?

Got Mold? Mold exists naturally everywhere, indoors and outdoors. There is no such thing as mold-free environment. Remediation is all…

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Aug 23 2016

Asbestos Assessment

What is an asbestos assessment? An asbestos assessment is when a certified individual inspects a building for the presence, location…

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Aug 20 2016

Why should I worry about Asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral with useful properties. Asbestos possess thermal stability, strength, and good insulating abilities. Asbestos cannot be seen…

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