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Home Services Providers Are Becoming Increasingly Popular In The U.S.

What exactly are home services providers? Home services providers consist of landscapers, plumbers, technicians, electricians, and other specialists that provide services for various aspects of home building and maintenance. One of these specialized fields is home inspection, covering critical issues such as mold and asbestos inspection. As the pandemic has taken hold around the world, people are taking their health and safety more seriously than ever. Read on to find out why home service providers are increasing in popularity in the U.S and why you should consider starting your own home improvement business.  

Increased Time Spent at Home

With the onset of COVID-19, the home now plays an outsized role as both the center of our private and professional lives. This increase in the amount of time people are spending at home, instead of at the office or outdoors, means that homeowners are paying increased attention to their overall home environment. When that happens, they start to look at ways to improve their quality of life at home. Thanks again to the pandemic, there is a heavier focus on living in an environment that is both clean and comfortable. Thus, many homeowners hire home service providers to repair longstanding issues, maintain the cleanliness of their homes and in many cases, redecorate and rebuild parts of their homes.

Growing Number of Homeowners Choosing to Renovate

Statistics show that an increasing number of homeowners in the U.S are choosing to keep their current homes and renovate it, instead of moving to new locations or bigger houses. As a result, home service providers, such as design and renovation companies, have seen a growing number of customers who need help with varying scales of renovation projects. Often, when homeowners decide to undertake renovation work, they will choose to have the home thoroughly inspected before commencing work. This has increased the demand for home services specializing in testing for mold and asbestos. Whether you are a homeowner or not, everyone knows the importance of living in an environment that is free of pathogens.

Greater Access to Services on Digital Platforms

Unlike the old days where most home services relied on physical advertising or word of mouth for referrals, the growth of the internet, and thus digital marketing, has made a previously unreachable audience now within any home services provider’s grasp. By choosing the right franchise to start a home services business, not only is there a platform for quick success, but also a tried and tested company that can help a new business grow exponentially. In fact, companies such as Iris Environmental Laboratories, have many locations throughout the U.S., making it easily accessible to both franchisees and potential business opportunities. All that’s required for success is elbow grease.

Why Consider Starting a Home Services Business

Since COVID-19 hit the world, so much that we once took for granted has now become uncertain, but some things have never changed, the importance of our home. The home is where we spend time with our loved ones, where we grow as individuals or as a family. What the pandemic has done, is reinforce the importance of living in a clean and safe environment. As a result, this has led to a boom for home services, such as ones specializing in environmental testing. So why not consider starting one in a recession resistant industry, after all, staying safe outside starts from the inside. The fastest way to achieve the best possible start in a business, is to have the right partners.