Mold remediation

DIY Mold Remediation Can Be A Disaster

Where it is dark and damp, mold thrives with moisture, which means no home is a hundred percent free of a mold problem. Although most homeowners are tempted to try out mold remediation on their own to cut costs, it is not a safe or easy process to take on despite the multitude of online tutorials available.

Inadequate equipment, experience, and skills may exacerbate the problem and you may be placing you and your family in harm’s way. Here are a few reasons why mold remediation should be left to professionals instead:

Mold Can Be Dangerous During the Cleaning Process

Indoor mold damage threatens the health of everyone who is exposed to mold spores. Mold spores can irritate your respiratory systems potentially trigger an allergic reaction. Some examples of common symptoms include sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, runny nose, or even aggravated asthma symptoms. For people with a weaker immune system, exposure to mold is an even higher risk.

When attempting to clean up mold by yourself, it not only endangers your own health but your family as well. Without the proper cleaning techniques and tools to contain mold spores, they can easily become airborne.

You May Not Know the Root of the Problem

The most effective way to combat a mold outbreak is to eliminate the cause. This means locating the source which is providing the mold enough moisture to grow in. Some examples of excess moisture sources include leaky pipes or appliances, spills, wet bathrooms, and more. A professional mold remediation company would know how to locate the source and eliminate the problem, as well as be able to spot any hidden spots that may have been overlooked.

You May Not Know What Type of Mold It Is

Molds come in different types. Some more dangerous and difficult compared to others. To eradicate the problem, you would need to understand it first. Trying to remove the mold without identifying it may end up worsening the situation.

While you may sometimes be able to see the mold growth or detect it based on its musty aroma, you may not be well-equipped to deal with the situation. Mold spores need to be sent to a lab for identification before professionals can use the most appropriate tools and equipment to remove them effectively.

Why Work with Iris Environmental Laboratories?

Iris Environmental Laboratories has a team of highly trained, certified field experts at your service. Our laboratory has been nationally accredited, and we are fully equipped with the knowledge and tools required to carry out mold inspections. We have been providing professional mold analytical services and inspections for over 20 years. Our services have a fast turnaround time at some of the most competitive rates available.

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