Lead Poisoning Symptoms - father and daughter washing hands at kitchen sink

Common Lead Poisoning Symptoms for Children and Adults

In the shadows of our everyday lives lurks a silent threat, an intruder that can wreak havoc on our health and well-being: lead poisoning. Lead poisoning is a serious health concern affecting children and adults alike. Open your eyes to the potential danger invading your home, as we dive into the dangers of lead exposure, common lead poisoning symptoms, and how to safeguard you and your loved ones from this dangerous and even deadly threat.  

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The Hidden Danger Lurking in Your Home 

Lead poisoning occurs when lead builds up in the body, usually from exposure to lead-based paint, contaminated water, soil, or other sources. Unfortunately, exposure is more common than you may think. For example, the CDC reports that “approximately 29 million housing units have lead-based paint hazards.” Of these, 2.6 million are home to children.  

The chances of developing lead poisoning from this exposure is not limited to children. Depending on the level of exposure, both adults and children are susceptible to experiencing medical complications that can even result in death, with the World Health Organization estimating 1 million fatalities each year from the issue. 

Common Symptoms of Lead Poisoning 

Even with low levels of lead exposure, symptoms can still cause irreversible damage. Here are some of the most common among children and adults:   

Symptoms in Children: 

  • Developmental delays: Lead exposure can cause delays in a child’s growth and development, including issues with learning, speech, and hearing. 
  • Behavioral changes: Children with lead poisoning may display irritability, aggression, hyperactivity, and difficulty concentrating. 
  • Digestive problems: Lead can disrupt the normal functioning of the digestive system, leading to abdominal pain, constipation, and decreased appetite. 
  • Cognitive impairment: Prolonged exposure to lead can result in a decline in cognitive abilities, affecting a child’s intelligence and overall academic performance. 
  • Fatigue and lethargy: Children experiencing lead poisoning are often excessively tired, lack energy, and have decreased interest in activities. 

Symptoms in Adults: 

  • High blood pressure: Lead exposure has been linked to increased blood pressure levels in adults, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. 
  • Joint and muscle pain: Adults exposed to lead may experience persistent pain in their joints and muscles, leading to reduced mobility and discomfort. 
  • Memory and concentration problems: Lead poisoning can affect cognitive functions, leading to memory lapses, difficulty concentrating, and overall mental sluggishness. 
  • Mood disorders: Individuals with lead poisoning may experience mood swings, depression, and anxiety. 
  • Reproductive issues: Lead exposure can have adverse effects on the reproductive system, including infertility and complications during pregnancy. 

Protect Your Family with IRIS Environmental Laboratories 

While lead poisoning symptoms seem scary, you don’t have to live in fear. Taking proactive steps to protect you and your family from lead poisoning is crucial. One such measure is lead inspection and testing.  

IRIS Environmental Laboratories utilizes state-of-the-art testing methods to identify the presence of lead in various sources, including paint, water, and soil. Our experienced team of professionals follows exacting protocols to ensure accurate results and provide comprehensive reports. We’ll identify potential lead hazards in your environment and take necessary action to safeguard your health and your family’s. Ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones by scheduling our lead testing and inspection services today.