What Should You Do After Finding Dislodged Asbestos?

Have you ever thought if you are exposed to damage asbestos or substances that have asbestos in them? If so, you should know that it should be a must for steps to be taken so that the risk of asbestos coming into contact with individuals is reduced.

Once the fibres that come from the substance start flying in the air, asbestos starts to become a health hazard as the inhalation of the air can cause damage to the lungs and potentially lead to health illnesses such as mesothelioma.

If your office building has recently undergone construction works, chances are that asbestos particles can be triggered. With that being said, it is important to double check to see if the fibres are not flying around in the air before any further work is able to take place. If you feel that someone in your office has triggered asbestos to scatter around in the air, one suggestion would be for you to immediately leave the office and call a professional to get the air around you tested out.

Function of Asbestos Air Tests

It should be known that professionals who are experienced enough are allowed to perform air tests. This includes how a certain amount of air should be set aside and gauged over time. There are particles present in the filter and they tend to roam around the air. This filter containing the particles is then tested in a lab for further analysis. Extra removal work may be required before work is able to restart if asbestos is present in the filter.

How Would I Know If My Office Needs An Air Test?

If you come into contact with asbestos as it has been spotted in your office, take note that you own a legal obligation of care to confirm that any staff members or members of the public stay away from the exposure of asbestos. Fundamentally, you could consult professionals to help you overcome your issue of asbestos.

In some instances, an asbestos air test has to be exercised, however, what would be more suitable to have would be an asbestos survey to determine if there is asbestos around you.

What You Can Do

In most cases, asbestos fibers are usually too small to be spotted with the naked eye. If you are seeking to ensure that your property is not infested with the tiny asbestos fibres, we have great news for you. Here at Iris Environmental Laboratories, we offer asbestos inspection services, help you get rid of the asbestos particles that have been flying around in your property. We will be more than happy to offer you with the assistance that you need in order to achieve an office that is asbestos-free. We believe that our services are of excellent quality as we have professionals that are well-versed with asbestos. Call us today at (877) 540-8562 and one of our consultants will provide you with the help that you need.