How to identify top notch asbestos testing services

Learn How To Identify Top-Notch Asbestos Testing Services

Despite being a deadly health hazard, asbestos is a very common construction material that can be found in many buildings. Building products that may contain asbestos include pipes, partitions, ceilings, walls, voids, tanks, insulation, cladding, doors, panels, boilers, and floors. For all you know, your workplace may be made of materials containing the dangerous substance. Being you go ahead and have work done on your commercial building that might risk accidental asbestos exposure, make sure you hire reliable asbestos inspectors to do a thorough and safe testing. Read on to learn how to identify top-notch asbestos testing services.


When you are selecting an asbestos testing company to hire, request for documentation that proves that they have completed state or federal approved training. Each asbestos inspector who will be working on your building should be able to provide proof that they are certified to work with asbestos. In addition to certification, look at the past performance and safety records of the asbestos testing company to ensure that they are reliable.

Have a Written Contract

Before the asbestos inspectors start their work, make sure to have a written contract signed. The contract should include information like the work plan, clean-up work, and the relevant local, state, and federal regulations that need to be followed. Additionally, when the asbestos inspectors have completed their work, obtain a written assurance from the company that they have followed all the proper procedures during the inspection.

Procedures to Follow

No small amount of asbestos is safe; hence it is important that the asbestos inspectors take all precautions to prevent the spread of asbestos fibers beyond the work area. To ensure the safety of everyone who might be affected by the asbestos testing, here are some procedures that the asbestos testing company should follow:


  • To effectively cordon off the work area and prevent the spread of asbestos fibers, seal the work area with plastic sheets and duct tape.
  • Air conditioning and heating systems should be turned off before starting the work.
  • There should be clear warning signs around the work area to get people to steer clear.
  • Asbestos fibers can stay in the air for several days and be breathed in by unknowing bystanders. To prevent asbestos fibers from going into the air, the asbestos material should have a wetting agent applied.
  • Upon the completion of the work, the whole area needs to undergo a thorough clean-up.
  • All materials that are used in the work process needs to be carefully disposed of as asbestos waste.

If you suspect that the materials used in the construction of your commercial building contain asbestos, Iris Labs can do the asbestos inspection for you. Rest assured that we are fully accredited and nationally recognized. Contact your nearest Iris Labs today to let us know how we can help you.