Justin Bieber Joins The Battle Against Lyme Disease & Mold Illness

The CDC estimates there are more than 300,000 cases of Lyme infection in the U.S. each year – which is roughly 10 times as many as what is reported. That group of undiagnosed Lyme Disease victims can suffer for years from the disease.

25-year-old singer, Justin Bieber, publicly announced that he is now battling Lyme himself. The singer, former teenage heartthrob, and husband to model Hailey came forward on Instagram (with a since-removed post) about his Lyme disease diagnosis in 2020 after he experienced a series of bullying from fans about his appearance. This battle between Justin Bieber and Lyme disease leads to a number of responses and public awareness against the disease.

What Caused the Lyme Disease?

While it would be strange that something as seemingly harmless as a tick, often close in size to a pinhead, could damage someone’s health. Ticks can be very difficult to notice if not actively looking for them. In addition to being quite small, ticks can also secrete saliva with anesthetic properties, numbing the area where the tick is feeding and preventing the host from feeling that the tick has attached itself.

Effects of Mold on Lyme Patients

In addition to fighting off the infection, Lyme patients can be more susceptible to other exposures such as mold. Mold exposure can prevent and neutralize the benefit of Lyme treatment protocols. According to the book New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment, it was stated that mold toxicity causes patients to develop symptoms from Lyme infections and vice versa, and people with weakened immune systems are far more susceptible to sickness from mold.

It is important to understand that mold is only part of the problem. If the immune system is weakened by Lyme infections, individuals are more susceptible to fungal overgrowth in the body. For most people, the body’s immune system removes biotoxins through the liver and they remain healthy with no symptoms. But for those with Lyme, since the immune system is already weakened, the body is unable to break down the invading biotoxins. The immune system is supposed to identify a threat and neutralize it through the production of cytokine proteins but with Lyme and other chronic autoimmune disorders, there is an overproduction of cytokine proteins because the body is unable to differentiate between the threat and the healthy cells. This produces extreme inflammation.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

After going public with his life-altering diagnosis, Justin Bieber admitted that it had been a rough couple of years for him due to the level of discomfort that he experienced while battling the disease.

Untreated Lyme disease can produce a wide range of symptoms, depending on the stage of infection. These include fever, rash, facial paralysis, and arthritis.

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