Is Your Home Ready For Mold Season?

Summer – the holiday season, and also the perfect season for mold. Did you know that some mold spores are only active during the summer months, choosing not to grow when it is cold out? Combined with humid conditions and the fact that homes are completely locked up when you leave for vacation, summer makes for a dangerous season when it comes to mold growth. Coming with several hazardous health impacts, it is important to make sure your home is ready for mold season before locking up and going on that holiday. Here are some ways you can prevent mold growth while you are away.

Make sure your house is cleaned regularly

This may go without saying but is doubly important if you are intending to leave your house for some period of time. Besides making sure that it is cleaned regularly, watch out for any leftover food or unwashed dishes that can encourage the growth of mold. This may not be so bad for one night, but imagine if you left an unwashed plate in your room while you are on holiday for two weeks! Mold would have developed long before you return home.

Attend to all leaks and damages timely

This is something you should take note of throughout the year: once you discover a faulty pipe, get it fixed as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more time water has to accumulate and result in the development of mold. If you keep on top of your repairs all year, there will be no need to worry when mold season comes around. Additionally, you may want to make it a habit of checking your pipes after extreme weather conditions such as storms.

Ensure proper ventilation

It is inevitable that all doors and windows have to be locked when you leave for vacation. That makes it all the more important for you to let air in on days you are around, particularly if it is humid. Maintaining a cool internal temperature helps to combat humidity and prevent mold from growing. If the situation is particularly bad, investing in a dehumidifier may be a good idea.

Give your home a thorough inspection from time to time

Although prevention is better than cure, the next best thing you can do when mold has already developed is to identify its source quickly.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens: check for leakages around sinks, baths and toilets.
  • Basements, attics and other isolated rooms: check for moisture and ventilation issues.
  • Windows: no droplets should form on the inner side of double-glazed windows. If there are droplets, it is a sign something is wrong.
  • Drains: check that they are unclogged and directing water in the right direction.

If you are leaving for holiday soon and suspect that there is mold in your property, contact Iris Environmental Laboratories to conduct a mold inspection as soon as possible. Not only do we help you identify the source, we work to eradicate it from your household immediately, giving you peace of mind. Call us at 1800-908-6679 to find out more about our mold inspection services, or fill up our online form and one of our consultants will be in touch at the earliest opportunity.