mold infested home

Is It Safe To Sleep In A Mold-Infested Home?

Mold may be a natural substance but it does not mean that it is something you would want to encounter in your home. Mold can result in various problems such as property damage and it also presents a series of health issues to people who are exposed to the fungus. The fungus is something that can easily breed indoors which makes it a common household problem. You may not even know if you have mold growing in your property because the fungus mostly accumulates in concealed areas. The real question now is, is it safe to sleep in a mold-infested home?

What Happens When Mold Grows?

Mold spores need two main things to grow and create colonies and they include a source of moisture and food. This is the reason why it is highly common to find mold growing after experiencing water damage. With the presence of both moisture and food, mold begins forming colonies and start spreading to different areas of a property. The spores travel in the air and through the HVAC system. Regardless of the type of surface that mold grows on, the material is devoured and damaged in the process.

How is Mold Exposure Harmful?

The presence of mold can cause some people to suffer from health implications. When people breath in mold spores, various health concerns may arise. The symptoms of mold can be more severe for some people like those with asthma or weakened immune systems. With prolonged exposure to mold, the health effects may get worse which is why immediate mold removal is important.

Is It Safe to Sleep in a Mold-Infested Home?

It can be unsafe to sleep in a mold-infested home because of the risks that come with mold exposure. This is particularly true for those with mold allergies as your health may deteriorate rapidly if you are sensitive to mold. Mold that grows indoors is commonly found in the bathroom due to the high moisture levels there. However, mold can also be found inside walls throughout the entire house including the bedrooms. Another place that you need to look out for is in the mattress where you sleep on as moisture and humidity levels there can be relatively high.

For mattresses that have mold growing on them, individuals can suffer from various medical ailments. If you sleep inside a room that has mold growth, you may also experience several health implications that are not healthy in the long run.

Preventing Mold Growth at Home

The key to prevent mold growth is to control moisture levels. If you are able to limit the excess moisture in your residence, there will be reduced risks of experiencing mold growth. With that being said, perform immediate cleaning and wiping as soon as you encounter any excess moisture around the house.

What to Do with Mold Growth?

It is critical that you contact a mold remediation company once you discover mold in your property. The longer you let the matter go unattended, the more damage it may cause and the higher the risks of implicating your health.