Eliminate bathroom mold with regular cleaning and other useful tips.

Eliminate Bathroom Mold With These Precautions

Mold can be found anywhere and places with high humidity have the highest risk of getting contaminated. As such, bathrooms provide an ideal environment for mold to thrive in. Unfortunately, the development of mold cannot always be seen as mold can grow below floors, behind drywalls, and n room corners. Mold growth in commercial building bathrooms can pose a serious health threat to employees, especially for those who are allergic to mold or have asthma. Besides having regular mold inspections in your commercial building bathrooms, you can eliminate bathroom mold with these precautions.


Mold grows well in humid conditions. To avoid accumulating humid air in bathrooms, turn on the bathroom fans. To save on electricity bills, install sensors that will allow the fan to switch off when nobody is using the bathroom. If it is not convenient to keep the bathroom doors open, a small window should at least be installed so that humidity is not trapped within the bathroom.

Repair Leaks

With so many pipework in bathrooms, it is expected that sometimes leaks will occur. When that happens, be sure to repair those leaks as soon as possible. Not only do leaks result in unnecessary charges to your water bills, they can also cause moisture to build up on the walls, ceilings, floors, or behind fixtures. It is also important to clean up after the leaks to avoid accumulating water anywhere in the bathroom. Perform regular checks for leaks and repair them once they are found.

Regular Cleaning

A clean and dry bathroom keeps mold growth away. Regular bathroom cleaning can kill mold spores before they develop on surfaces. This is especially important in commercial building bathrooms as hundreds of employees could be using the bathrooms every day. Every part of the bathroom should be regularly cleaned, including the floors, showers, cubicles, sinks, dispensers, counters, mirrors, and doors. If bathmats are used to absorb moisture, those should be regularly washed too.

Grout Replacement

Grout is a mixture of sand, cement, and water that is used in sealing joints between tiles, for filling voids, and connecting sections of concrete. As most bathrooms are tiled, grout can often be found as a growth spot for mold in bathrooms. Mold can easily grow on grout because it collects moisture and is difficult to clean. This is especially so for grouts that have cracked or deteriorated. As such, it is recommended that grout in bathrooms should be replaced every half a year if it is possible. Doing so will ensure a tight seal and reduced accumulation of moisture. Additionally, bathroom grout should be cleaned regularly.

Whether you suspect that there is mold growing in your commercial building bathrooms or you want to perform routine mold inspection to prevent mold growth, Iris Labs can help you. Contact your nearest Iris Labs today to ask us any questions.