Asbestos In U.S. Schools Is A Growing Concern

Asbestos-containing materials were used in construction until 1980. Although it has been long since that action, people are still not safe from the effects of the substance. Those who live in houses constructed before then are exposed to the highest risk. In schools, children are exposed to this danger, and it has been a growing concern. Asbestos in U.S schools remains one of the biggest talking points when it comes to kids’ safety.

Although the federal government stopped the use of asbestos in schools about four decades ago, most schools in the U.S. had already been built. Children are still learning in those buildings, and that is the reason they are exposed to danger.

Accidental Dislodge of Asbestos by School Workers

One of the reasons everyone is worried about the safety of children in U.S. schools is the likelihood of dislodging of asbestos containing materials by school workers. Those who are in charge of the buildings may not be aware of the sections where these materials are contained. Usually, asbestos is not dangerous when it is not dislodged. Some workers do not have enough knowledge of how to handle these materials, and this makes the situation worse. They can easily expose everyone to mesothelioma.

Aging Infrastructure with no Funds for Renovation

Materials that contain asbestos should be properly maintained. A look at most schools across the United States, especially those built before 1980, shows that the infrastructure is aging. Some buildings are too old that they have been marked as dangerous. It becomes worse when you note that most of these schools do not have the funds to manage the buildings. Since they also do not have money to build new ones, they are forced to conduct their activities in the old ones. It is one of the biggest challenges that has to be addressed fast to make everyone safe.

Tedious Asbestos Removal Projects

A quick review of the asbestos removal projects in various U.S. schools shows that they are too tedious. They do not seem to take into account the urgency of the matter. One example is a school in Philadelphia which had to move students to conduct the exercise. The projects should base on the latest technology and employ experts who know how to carry it out fast. Although the public can play an important role in speeding up the projects, they only become aware when things get to the extreme. It is something that should change if any progress has to be made in eliminating this danger.

Students, teachers, and school workers can be sure of their safety if they are assured of better methods of managing asbestos in U.S schools. It is important to look for asbestos removal experts who know how to manage the situation. It would be better to mobilize for more funds to help schools manage the problem effectively.