Are You Allowed To Sell A Florida Property That Has A Mold Problem?

Perfectly trimmed landscape, freshly cleaned carpets and absolutely stunning exterior, it may seem as though the sale for your Florida property is certain. However, you found a buildup of mold in the air ducts as you were about to put your property on sale. For buyers, a mold issue on your property is something to be of concern. Many buyers would hire mold inspection services to ensure that the property that they are buying is mold free. If you know that the property that you are selling has a mold issue, here are some aspects you should consider.

Disclosure of Issues

Most states require the seller to provide full disclosure on the house before the official signing of documents. This disclosure requires the seller to provide details about any known issues with the house currently or in the past. Issues that have to be disclosed include, but are not limited to, water damage, foundational issues, lead paint presence and buildup of mold.

Sellers must practice honesty in detailing current or past issues on the property as failure to do so can result in costly lawsuits. After receiving the disclosure, the buyer may want to hire inspection services to ensure that there are no other damages that are not mentioned. In realizing other issues with the house, the buyer might want to employ other specialist services to verify the issues found.

The disclosure forms have to include previous issues that the house had and remediation taken to solve the issue. The owner would have to mention the details of the damages, the action taken to repair them and the documentation to prove that the issue has been fixed. This is applicable for mold problems found on the property. The seller would have to provide details of the mold issue and the remediation taken to solve the issue. Documentations containing these details are required for the disclosure.


Remediating the mold issue is the safest safeguard to ensure that buyers would still want to buy the house. Despite investing into remediating the issue, the expenses used can significantly increase your chance of getting buyers and your return on investments. While remediating the problematic area may suffice, solving the root cause of the mold problem is vital to preventing the issue from arising again. Mold inspections can be useful in determining the source of moisture and cause of the mold, so that the underlying issue is resolved.

Drop Prices

If you are aware of mold buildup in your home, disclosing the issue, remediating the problem and asking for a lower asking price may be the best way to go about this issue. Regardless of whether remediation actions have been taken, buyers may not be willing to buy properties with a history of mold problems. By taking these actions, you can increase the chances of selling your property. Even if you do choose to not remediate the problem and request for a lower asking price, buyers may still ask for a lower price than that of the dropped price.

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