An Introduction To Our New IRIS Franchise In Michigan

Did you know that prolonged exposure to mold and asbestos can result in serious consequences? Spores released by the mold are tiny enough to be transported into your lungs, sinuses, guts, and brain. Thankfully, we here at IRIS laboratories are here to help! Our team of highly trained professionals is equipped with the necessary skills required to handle your asbestos and mold problems, and we are proud to announce that we have opened a new franchise right here in metro Detroit, the very first IRIS franchise in Michigan!

About Michigan

With nearly 38,000 households in Detroit living in inadequate housing, there is a dire need for our services in the Michigan area with more than one in seven occupied homes facing major issues in their basic household amenities. Significant home repairs are often needed in many of these housings, and with mold and asbestos fibers being rife in such households, we here at IRIS laboratories would be able to inspect and respond to these issues in their households efficiently and effectively.

How Can We Help

IRIS laboratories is home to a team of highly trained and certified mold and asbestos professionals. We are always on call to test your residence, offices, or schools for asbestos and mold, and we are equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge of the different types of mold, asbestos, and moisture situations in your home. We believe in keeping you and those you care about safe from these dangers and will do a thorough job in inspecting and testing the premises.

Mold issues may sometimes be difficult to spot, and hence our team of professionals is able to produce a testing and inspection report for you to identify the source of the problem, the type of mold plaguing the area, and the extent of the damage there. We can then provide consultations on the work needed to resolve the issue and the scope and costs of resolving this issue. Do not take risks with your health, leave this problem to us and allow us to handle these issues swiftly and professionally to prevent further hurt to your health and finances.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our Michigan IRIS franchise is also equipped with the necessary certification and experience to ensure you pass asbestos and mold regulations. We can give you a clearer idea of the current condition of the premises. The tests and samples we collect are done professionally in our in-house testing facility, and we can provide you with an accurate and reliable report on the extent of mold and asbestos damage to your residence, school, or workplace.

Interested in Becoming an IRIS Franchisee? Join Us Now!

Here at IRIS Laboratories, we are one big family, and we treat each other as such, always willing to help each other out and work together as one cohesive family. We push each other to learn more and better ourselves and enjoy a spirit of cohesion and growth as we help each other to develop and grow. We believe in creating an environment of comfort, where we can be free to be ourselves and have fun during our daily operations. Don’t hesitate, join us now!