4 Important Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Mold Inspector

There are so many mold inspection companies out there in the market, and we can get overwhelmed with all the choices that lay before us. Which company should we choose? Is that company reliable? Will they be able to help me? We know that choosing a mold consulting company can be a difficult and challenging process and therefore, we have put together four important things that you need to know before choosing a mold inspector for your home or office.

Are Mold Remediation Or Cleaning Services Included?

There may lie a conflict of interest for the firm to conduct both the inspection as well as the remediation of mold. You may not be able to trust the mold inspector completely as well since there is a possibility that they may use the inspection to their advantage and profit from the discovery of mold. It will be best for you to engage a third-party company for your initial investigation and testing so as to get a neutral and unbiased opinion.

How Reputable is the Firm?

There are many companies online that you can choose from. To prevent yourself from wasting unnecessary time and effort calling every firm, you can do some homework beforehand. Look up each company online and check out the customer testimonials or reviews about the mold inspector. This will be a good way to gauge the reputation of the firm, if it is worth continuing your search. Quality companies should have a list of satisfied customers, and probably personal statements from past clients who endorsed their services. The more highly rated the reviews and personal statements are, the higher the chances are that the mold inspector is someone good and reliable.

Is the Firm in Good Standing with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)?

Another great way to determine the reputation of the firm is to see if the firm is in good standing with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The BBB is a great platform for customers to assess the quality, ethicality and honesty of the mold companies. If a company has zero complaints and favorable ratings, you are probably in good hands!

Does the Firm Has a Professional Liability Insurance?

Also known as the Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O insurance). The E&O insurance is a form of liability insurance. Most of the reputable and quality companies carry general liability (GL) insurance.  This is because E&O insurance is usually expensive and cost prohibitive for most mold inspection firms.   Therefore, majority of the mold inspectors do not carry this form of insurance. By engaging companies with such insurance can provide you with a higher level of protection.

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