How You Can Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Safe

A safe is supposed to be a secure place where you keep your most important items. It should provide protection against fires, theft, water damage, mutilation, and many others. When you notice that your valuables are not safe after all, it becomes a big concern.

One thing that can make your safe unsafe is mold growth. Valuable items such as deeds, certificates, coins, firearms, and many others can lose their value or effectiveness when exposed to such conditions. The only way to prevent mold growth from safes is by knowing how it gets there. Just like other places, the growth of mold is enhanced by the same conditions.

Aerate the Safe Regularly

Apart from dampness, mold thrives in darkness. That is where it starts to grow before spreading to other parts of the house. If you keep your safe closed for months or even years, you are likely to find mold in there. Experts say that mold will not grow in your safe if you open it every one or two weeks. You should also let to aerate for about twenty minutes. It could be true that you are not always at home to open the safe, but that does not mean that you should let your documents and other valuable items to be damaged. You may want to trust someone else with the duties when you know that you will be away for long.

Choose a Dry Area for Storing Your Safe

Where do you always keep your safe? Most people do not care as long as they have closed it and keep their valuables away from danger. Now that you know we are avoiding moisture, you should also know that keeping safes in damp areas will lead to mold growth problems. The best option is to choose the driest part of your house. You should also ensure that it is not in a place where accidental water spillage can get to it because the little moisture that comes from it will be enough to cause you a lot of trouble. Sometimes, keeping it on the floor can lead to accumulation of moisture inside it.

Know how to Absorb Dampness from a Safe

Various methods can be used to absorb moisture from the safe. Some studies have shown that keeping a few pieces of charcoal is enough to eliminate the danger. Other remedies include baking soda and desiccant packs. You only need to be careful with the way you include these items in the safe so that they are not in direct contact with your documents. For instance, you can put them in a jar before placing them in the safe.

Now that you know how to prevent mold growth in safes, you should look for an expert to prevent the occurrence of mold in the whole house. Let them inspect it and come up with the best prevention.