How Dangerous Is Asbestos Exposure?

There has been increased awareness about asbestos exposure recently regarding its ill-effects and dangers, but there are still various misconceptions revolving about the topic of this mineral and how it implicates human health in general. People are mostly educated on the toxin alone and where it can be found, but diseases related to asbestos exposure need to be made known as well in order to be well prevented.

Safe Amount of Asbestos Exposure

To be very blunt, there is no amount of asbestos exposure that can be considered as safe. Even being exposed to it within the briefest period can potentially lead to many different health risks such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, pleural plagues and effusions, and more. This is exactly why this particular toxin is regarded as a highly dangerous mineral with its exposure being critically harmful to human health. This level of risks that we talk about revolves around all 6 different types of asbestos too with some being more harmful than the others, like the crocidolite kind. The most common type, chrysolite asbestos, accounts for nearly 95% of asbestos that is used in the past which still remains in countless buildings like homes, schools, and more. This fact in turn accounts for the highest number of health issues, but we cannot conclude that other asbestos types do not lead to the same level of risks.

How Asbestos Exposure Causes Harm

Any exposure to asbestos is harmful because of how its fibers get released into the air which can then be inhaled into our lungs. Any disturbance to a material that contains asbestos can lead to numerous microscopic fibers being released into the air. They are invisible to the naked eye, thus their existence is completely not known by human. Just one brief moment of asbestos exposure can cause serious consequences. Due to the factor of rigidity, asbestos fibers will inflame our lung linings, heart, abdominal cavity over time which can lead to mesothelioma as well as other related diseases.

Period of Asbestos Dangers

Looking at the amount of asbestos that is still hidden in plain sight inside thousands of buildings, the dangers that they promote are definitely not going away anytime soon. It has been centuries since asbestos was first used in different products by various industries across the globe. Even after the discovery of the problems related to asbestos exposure, the toxin is still continued to be used up to this day. This fact in turn shows how people are still being exposed to the risks posed by asbestos and will likely to continue on even for many more years to come.

Those at Risk

It is clear that any amount of asbestos exposure can pose serious health implications, but a certain percentage of individuals is at risk of becoming more ill in view of the nature of their job scope. In industries like construction, plantation, firefighting, and mechanics, past uses of asbestos have been recorded. This is the main reason why old folks who used to work in the abovementioned sectors including veterans who served the military make up the largest group of victims suffering from mesothelioma today.