What is special about our culture and methods?

We are proud to reinforce and set our company with the following standards.

  • Green Friendly operated- Everything we do we think first and how to protect the environment
  • Digital– Our first priority is to make everything digital
  • Remote capability– All of our key activity can be accessed remotely via the internet
  • Low Cost– We offer very competitive prices and in order to do that we monitor our costs and look for the most effective way
  • Accuracy – Quality control is the key to pursuit accuracy in our database
  • Excellent customer Service

Mission – Become a nationally recognized Asbestos and Mold Lab/Inspection facility, capable to inspect, collect, and analyze asbestos and mold substances at the highest quality.
Vision – theoretical knowledge, technical skills systems, and tools in order to deliver quality environmental laboratory testing and consulting services on time and at the most economical cost to our customers.
Values – We believe that business can inspire solutions to the environmental crisis. This means that what we do and how we do it must cause the least harm to the environment and the best answer to our clients.