What about Marketing?

Iris Environmental Laboratories has tested and proved the do’s and don’ts of the marketing process that works for its industry.

You can have the best product and a dream team by your side, but if you don’t tell people that you exist, then it’s as though you have nothing at all. With our support and your independent research of your territory, building a comprehensive marketing strategy will help skyrocket your reach in the industry. By connecting with local experts and potential clients, understanding your target audience, territory and other potential clients will help grow your franchise.

If you want to start your own company and don’t understand the process of marketing you’d have to hire an outside marketing agency or create a marketing plan from scratch all on your own. Of course, with a franchise, you are still in business for yourself, but you are not alone. By teaming up with our experienced marketing department, our team will provide all the necessary aid to develop a marketing plan and help grow your business. Our many years of marketing experience in the asbestos and mold inspections industry will help you to stand tall as you build up your new business and marketing strategy.