Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Which type of asbestos survey is right for me?

    1. There are three main types of asbestos survey:
      1. Asbestos Management Surveys –A management survey is the3 standard survey. Its purpose is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect ACM’s in the building. A Management Survey will be required during a normal occupation and use of the building to ensure materials are asbestos-free.
      2. Renovation/restoration Survey – Renovation surveys are intended to locate all the asbestos in a given area of the building (or the relevant areas).
      3. Demolition Surveys–Most townships will always require an Asbestos Clearance Letter prior to granting a Demolition Permit. A full detailed inspection is required for the asbestos clearance, and under no circumstances should staff remain in the rooms or areas of the building(s) when intrusive sampling is performed.
      1. Do I need to vacate the building while asbestos or mold removal is underway?

      Some asbestos and mold removal jobs can be performed without the owner even leaving the building. Depending on the complexity of the removal and the extent of the mold and asbestos in the structure, most other jobs are usually completed in between one and five days. This should be one of the first questions you ask when arranging for mold and asbestos removal, so that you can make other accommodation arrangements as soon as possible if needed.

      1. Is asbestos removal the only option?

      The safest way to manage asbestos is usually to remove it completely. However, in some cases it may be just as safe and far more cost-effective to encapsulate the asbestos using specialist materials such as epoxies, polyurethanes, or polyurea. These will either be sprayed or stuck over asbestos or ACMs to create a seal and protect it from damage, extend its life, and reduce any risk of fibre release.

      The key to successfully managing and removing asbestos is to work with qualified and skilled professionals, and to communicate throughout the entire process. If you have any questions at all, or if you suspect there is asbestos in your building – get in contact with the industry-leading asbestos management team at IRIS Environmental Laboratories.

      1. Can I remove the asbestos myself, or do I have to hire a professional?

      There is no law or regulation that demands a home owner to hire professionals, the EPA strongly recommends hiring a professional due to the possibility of exposure. Although, there are requirements that you must follow when disposing of the asbestos materials if you do chose to remove it yourself, and if those requirements are not followed there could be serious consequences.

      1. How long does it take to receive my report?

      Our standard turnaround time is 3 business days after the inspection is performed. We also provide 24 hour expedited inspection report if requested.

      1. Even though I see the mold in my home, is it worth testing?

      You don’t need to test if you see mold. As a matter of fact, if you see mold you have mold. But if you are concern for your health, we strong recommend testing.  It is important to know exactly what you are being exposed to. Every person has a different reaction when exposed to certain types and levels of fungi. If you become sick, it is important for your health care provider to know exactly what you were exposed to, in order to proceed with the proper medical treatment. Furthermore we recommend air test after the remediation process, in order to check the air quality of your home when it comes to mold.

      1. Is it a conflict of interest for the same company to perform inspection, testing and remediation?

      Yes. Some States will not allow combined phases of asbestos project (Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III). It’s always recommended to request information from your state agencies before start any asbestos project. An ethical problem arises when having one sole provider for all 3 services because of the conflict of interest; after all, it is in the best interest of an abatement/remediation company performing a job to have passing air tests.  We recommend have at least one outside party, primarily for the final clearance testing if any asbestos/mold has been, or will be, removed or remediated.

      1. I’ve just removed some floor tiles in my house and figured out it could possibly contain asbestos. Are my family and I in danger?

      Since floor tile is considered a non-friable material, the concern for airborne is minimal if compared with friable material. Either way, to be on the safe side and provide you with piece of mind, an Air Quality Test is recommended.

      1. I had some asbestos material removed from my home by a remediation company and they didn’t perform a final air test. Should I test to make sure there are no asbestos fibers in the air?

      Yes. Remediation and Abatement companies are required, by law, to perform a final air test clearance for re-occupancy and safety purposes. It is your right as the property owner to outsource the final air testing to avoid any conflict of interest.