How do I know if I’m a perfect fit?

If you are thinking about taking the next step of owning an IRIS Environmental Laboratories Franchise, well, think no more. IRIS Environmental Laboratories is a solid step to accomplishing your dream of starting your own business, hand in hand with a company that supports you along the way.

With our business model, training and support system, along with your willingness to walk the path of a business owner, this business is designed to help you succeed.IRIS Environmental Laboratories Inspection Franchise is for anyone interested in:

  • Being your own boss!
  • Spending more time at home with your loved ones.
  • Financial Security
  • Protecting the public
  • Helping people
  • Doing what you love
  • Networking

As an IRIS Environmental Laboratories Franchisee, you will find an excellent way to align your financial goals with your career and future. Our proven business model for owning your own franchise is focused on your success. Join forces with the only Asbestos and Mold franchise with a built-in Accredited Laboratory in America.


Begin a new phase of your life with the IRIS ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORIES FRANCHISE. Leave those long hours and over-worked stress behind as you enter your career as an asbestos and mold inspection franchise owner.


Owning an IRIS Environmental Laboratories franchise will allow you to stay close enough to the day-to-day operations while having more time for yourself.

Skilled Tradesman

Working for someone else can make you feel trapped. If you’re looking to be your own boss, take control of how you schedule your day, run your own team with a supportive office behind you, maximize your opportunities and partner with IRIS Environmental Laboratories.

Real Estate Agents

Realtors are known for their strong people-person personalities, interpersonal skills and their passion for networking. IRIS Environmental Laboratories franchise owners align well with any Real Estate Agent, and if you would like to continue fostering relationships, then our franchise is for you.

Asbestos and Mold Inspectors

When you work for someone else, you don’t get to decide how far you travel, or where they send you. Becoming an IRIS Environmental Laboratories franchise owner, you are assigned a protected territory; you control your schedule, and best of all, increase your revenue. With your prior knowledge of this field, take advantage of this successful business model and better opportunities for your life can be attainable.