Brand overview and experience.

IRIS Environmental Laboratories is the only North American asbestos and mold Inspection Company combining its experience and capabilities with a National Asbestos Accredited Laboratory. Before the launch of the franchise aspect of the business, which happened in July 2018, IRIS has taken technology and professional services to a whole different level in the asbestos/mold inspection and lab analysis industry.

Every day, IRIS Environmental Laboratories owners are helping people to buy, renovate and live in their home with confidence and peace of mind. Since mold and asbestos can affect not only Real Estate market but people’s health, IRIS Environmental Laboratories takes pride in its commitment to serving our community.

Over the years IRIS Environmental Laboratories has completed thousands of asbestos and mold inspections and millions of sample analysis, bringing unprecedented expertise to the table, not only to reinforce the IRIS Environmental Brand but provide the best Asbestos/Mold Inspection, lab analysis and deliver franchise owners success.

Since asbestos and mold air fibers can only be identified with laboratory analysis, you will brand your expertise not only as an asbestos and mold inspector, but carry around the laboratory “eyes” for your clients. In other words, you will be not only an asbestos and mold inspector but also a laboratory in the client’s perspective. With our training, marketing, and continuous support, you become a proven and trusted consultant, not only for real estate transaction but for contractors dealing with projects, renovations, and asbestos abatement projects. The reputation you build with real estate professionals, abatement companies, contractors, restorations business, home buyers, home sellers, and home owners is the foundation of success. Iris Environmental Laboratories is committed to consistently deliver the knowledge, skills, tools, and services to position you to succeed in your desire to own your own business.