Beware of Airborne Mold

For many of us, the thought of handling a wet basement, or the wet floor of our office pantry due to different forms of leakages can be an extreme disaster. We understand these problems can be costly and expensive to fix. However, what many of us fail to recognize is the fact that a tiny amount of water or moisture in these spaces can be a catalyst for the spread of different types of mold to increase and develop.

The impact that mold has on our air is awful and it can give rise to the spread of different types of contaminants. Although mold can maintain itself in dark, moist, enclosed areas, it lets out heaps of mold spores with time, causing these spores to fly around as they are being released into the air. This can cause any individual who inhales these spores to have health issues, such as breathing difficulties as these spores are released into the air.

If you are thinking that the only problem with mold is that it’s expensive, you’re wrong. Mold is also a health hazard.

Mold Appears in Your Day-To-Day Life

Studies have shown that mold can develop in buildings that have been exposed to water. Mold can develop on different types of surfaces which include drywall, tiles of our ceiling, our carpets as well as carpet paddings. All it takes to develop is a minimal amount of water.

Different experts feel that even with a tiny amount of water, mold spores receive sufficient humidity to hang on to surfaces, where they are able to develop even further. If you were to look at any surface be it carpeting or drywall, you would realize that there are mold spores present on these surfaces and can be spotted in areas at the back of baseboards.

Things You Did Not Know Regarding Mold And Indoor Air Quality

You would know by now that the presence of mold is so much more than just an expense, but it is also a hazard to one’s health. With that being said, lets take a deeper look into how our indoor air quality is affected by mold, which can cause detrimental effects to our health such as breathing difficulties.

  1. The results of a survey showed that 76% of respondents who are constantly surrounded by the conditions of a wet basement are afraid that their exposure to mold can cause detrimental effects to their health. Within this value, 30% stated that either them or those around them have encountered health symptoms of bad air quality linked with mold. Some of these symptoms consist of breathing difficulties, migraines, coughing, sensitive skin and eyes, as well as fatigue.
  2. The American Lung Association states that the combination of different germs with mold spores can cause many respiratory issues to our health. These illnesses can be as mild as a cold or as serious as respiratory infections such as pneumonia.
  3. Airborne mold spores can aggravate asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, of an individual. It is common for those who suffer from allergy to face severe allergy attacks whenever they encounter minimal amounts of mold spores. With time, the frequency in which these attacks occur can greatly cause a huge impact on their health and cause their lungs to get weaker and weaker.

What You Should Do

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