Are Mold Problems Causing Loved Ones To Fall Ill?

Sometimes, the frequent visits by your loved ones to the doctor may be due to mold in the house. There are hundreds of species of these fungal plant, and so, you never know which ones will invade your house. However, it is a good thing that as long as you know how to handle them, keeping them away will no longer be difficult. To effectively deal with mold problems, you need to know the areas where they grow and thrive. Since these plants thrive in damp and warm areas, you may want to start by checking your house and fixing a few things.

Check Your Plumbing System for Hidden Leaks

You are trying to eliminate dampness, and so, you should beyond where your eyes can see. You may want to check below the sinks and under your storage tanks to see if there are leaks. In addition to that, you should check your pipes everywhere they pass to be sure that they are not causing any dampness on the walls. Sometimes, you may not notice the small leaks, but they will lead to an abundance of mold if you do not take care of them. You may also want to bring in a plumber to inspect the entire system and confirm that there are no leaks.

Clean the Air Conditioner

Sometimes, HVAC systems including ducts can trap moisture, and escalate the mold problem. Such systems will also rap the spores from outside and deposit them inside the house, and so, you will not even notice it when they start breeding. To be sure of eliminating this menace, you should think about installing an HVAC system that has humidity control. You should also clean regularly to remove debris and moisture that may be trapped there. If you notice that some parts are not functioning properly, you should think about replacing them.

Ventilate the Rooms

Failure to properly aerate the house could be one of the reasons mold cannot go away. When there are damp spots and you fail to allow in enough air, they form a favorable breeding ground for the fungus. Consider opting up the windows, especially on sunny days to allow fresh air. In addition to that, make sure that your insulation is working properly because you have to maintain the quality of air after aeration. However, as long as you have your HVAC system working perfectly, you should have problems with ventilation. Pay a lot of attention to laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen because they bring in a lot of heat to add to the moisture.

When looking for mold removal, you should consider the fact that the spores can lay dormant for several months. They will only start growing when they find a favorable environment such as water and heat. Therefore, you should be thinking of finding an expert who will clear the house of live pores and remove the dormant ones too. After remediation, be sure to keep the house in the right condition.