Asbestos Assessment

What is an asbestos assessment?

An asbestos assessment is when a certified individual inspects a building for the presence, location and quantification of asbestos-containing material (ACM) or suspected ACM. ACM is defined as material that contains greater than 1% asbestos. An asbestos inspection also includes re-examining of building or facility to identify the presence or location of additional or existing ACM or suspected.

Asbestos Certificates & Licenses

According to New York Department of Health Workers involved in asbestos removal must receive appropriate training prior to being certified and asbestos contractors must meet strict requirements to be licensed. This helps to ensure workers and the public are not exposed to the hazards of breathing asbestos particles.  

Does my house contains asbestos?

Homes & Buildings built between 1930 and 1950’s were the most consumption usage of Asbestos Containing Building Materials. Also asbestos has been used in various products until the late 1970’s. Builder purchased ACBM until the 1970’s because it was very cheap to purchase. The stores were stuck with huge ACM inventory they wanted get rid of. If you suspect your home or you are considering buying a property that may contain asbestos, it’s vital you get a thorough inspection by a qualified professional AHERA accredited asbestos inspector. Asbestos can only be detected by a special microscope. Our inspectors are trained in asbestos detection and will take samples from your home for further analysis by OUR CERTIFIED LABORATORY Please contact our office for further information.