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What Mold Exposure Can Do To Your Brain

It has been well established that exposure to mold increases the risk of respiratory disorders. While there have been no studies that link dementia and mold exposure, there is evidence that suggests there is a possibility that mold exposure contribute to cognitive impairment in a small group of people. Because not every person who is exposed to mold will experience cognitive symptoms, it is difficult to establish a direct link between our brain and mold exposure.

What is Asbestos?

Mold is a type of fungi that’s found almost everywhere. However, exposure to mold can be potentially harmful for the human brain health as well as result in other harmful effects for other parts of the human body.

Exposure to Mycotoxins

There are some types of mold that are capable of producing toxic substances like mycotoxins. Animal studies have found that some of these mycotoxins can enter the brain and cause damage by interfering with inducing inflammation and metabolism. There is a possibility that it is the exposure to mycotoxins that leads to cognitive symptoms, rather than mold exposure.


Stress is typically associated with chronic exposure to mold. Stressful conditions such as low socioeconomic status can also lead to inflammation. Hence, it is possible that some of the negative health effects from mold exposure could have arose from the human body’s response to stressful condition, and not the mold itself.


The occurrence of Inflammation throughout the human body can be a result from the mold, which act as irritants that trigger an immune response from the body. Inflammation in the brain can impair cognitive function, and in severe cases such as chronic inflammation, it can result in a long-lasting cognitive impairment.

What You Can Do

Currently, there are no test available to predict accurately who will experience negative effects regarding their brain health after mold exposure. While there are many types of molds which are capable of producing mycotoxins, there is no guarantee that the person who was exposed to mold came into contact with mycotoxins.

The Common Areas For Mold Growth

The environment and food supply are the two most common areas to get exposed to mold. It is crucial to avoid eating food that shows visible signs of mold growth. For commercial food supply, the FDA regulates the level of mycotoxins present, so the greater risk comes from food that are locally grown which are not subjected to inspection.

Mold thrive in an environment that is damp and warm, which makes buildings that contain leaks, carpets, poor ventilation and high humidity the perfect condition for mold growth. The best thing to do to prevent mold from growing is to improve ventilation systems or opening windows to maintain proper ventilation, keep humidity levels low, and repair leaks as soon as possible.

How We Can Help

Iris Environmental Laboratories provide mold inspection services to help our clients in remediating their mold problems. Call now at 1800-908-6679 to find out more on our mold inspection services or fill up our online form to be contacted by our consultants.

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Tired of Doing the Grunt Work? Switch to Consulting for Asbestos and Mold Inspection

Most people think of “home sweet home” as their haven — but if you work anywhere in the construction industry or do any kind of mold or asbestos remediation services, you know that’s far from the case for many families.

Even the nicest-looking homes can have problems with mold and asbestos. Aside from making a home hard to sell, mold and asbestos present tremendous health dangers to a home’s inhabitants and require a ton of back-breaking work to correct. It can be challenging, however, to spot dangerous mold and find asbestos without a trained eye — which is why there is a significant commercial need for mold and asbestos inspectors.

Could a Mold and Asbestos Inspection Franchise Be Right for You?

If you’re already working in construction as a contractor or a builder, you know how demanding the dirty work of mold and asbestos remediation can be. The odds are high that you put in long hours full of back-breaking work and have little time (or energy) left over for your personal pursuits or family. Those hours can get longer and harder, too, as you age, leaving you to worry about your financial security in the future.

With your experience — and a little bit of help — you could easily shift gears and move into mold and asbestos inspection services instead. While mold and asbestos inspections keep you in the industry you love and involved in the operations, it takes the burden of the heavy work off your shoulders. Instead, you’ll serve as an advisor, sharing your education and knowledge as you help guide the remediation process.

An IRIS Environmental Laboratories Franchise can provide exactly the opportunity you need to start a new phase of your life that will give you more control over your own time and future than ever before!

Why Is the IRIS Environment Laboratories Franchise the Best Place to Begin?

Aside from the fact that IRIS Environmental Laboratories offers the lowest startup costs available for a franchise of this nature, we also offer unparalleled support for our franchise owners.

We offer a guaranteed territory for all of our franchisees, a quick and easy method to state certification, and — most of all — access to our laboratory. That means that you can get started on your new career quickly, without having to contract with third-parties for testing services.
Plus, you get to team up with an experienced marketing department that will help you develop your network.

While you’ll be in business for yourself, you won’t have to do all the work of growing that business on your own — and that can make all the difference between success and failure!

With a mold and asbestos inspection services, you also enjoy relative immunity from the ups-and-downs of the construction industry. Because mold and asbestos pose serious health and environmental hazards, governmental regulations require inspections — giving you a reliable source of income.

Why Are You Still Waiting To Start?

If you’re dedicated to improving the lives of others, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams. You can find success through the IRIS franchise advantage, so reach out and learn more about your options today.

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